Project information

Green Reverie and Leafy Emporium WordPress Websites

Creating a WordPress e-commerce website for household plants allowed me to acquire new skills such as setting up an e-commerce platform using WordPress and customizing the design with CSS. I faced challenges in locating specific elements I wanted to edit and understanding the structure of the WordPress theme. I'm particularly proud of the color and font choices I made, which created a visually pleasing and cohesive website. In the future, I plan to focus on more detailed customizations and explore advanced e-commerce features to improve the user experience. While I thought that the blog site would be easier after working on the e-commerce site, I encountered different challenges and learned new skills along the way. For the blog site, it took some time to find a suitable theme that met my needs, and I ultimately chose Blogson. One of the challenges I faced was understanding where to attach images to my blog posts, and I found the solution in the "featured photo" section under the post settings. In the future, I would like to delve into more detailed customization, particularly with regard to the design and layout of the blog site, as I am proud of the layout I created for this website.